Dynamic Research Programm

DRC’s new office space is on two floors, linked by an interconnecting staircase. The programming process began with selecting three different palettes for DRC’s staff members to choose what they liked most through anonymous surveys. Through programming we were able to ensure that all of DRC’s requirements were met while also allowing for employee growth through the design of closed offices, workstations, a large pantry, multiple conference rooms, and a demonstration center. Closed offices were placed around the perimeter of the space with large windows and glass partitions, allowing for ample light to flow throughout the space.


Buchanan & Edwards is an information technology and professional services company focused on developing and implementing solutions that directly impact the U.S. government’s top IT priorities. The space was designed with an industrial flair, utilizing open ceilings and glass and metal features. Glass-lined offices located on the perimeter offer an abundance of natual light. Open collaboration areas and orkstations invite staff to work together and share ideas.

Young America’s Foundation

Young America’s Foundation came to RQTEKure Partners to help them develop a new corporate headquarters in the Metropolitian DC area. They wanted to have a strong transitional design presence. We selected a floor plan that has multipurpose meeting areas such as an open pantry area and conference room with a large conferencing center with stand-alone panty and video room. Closed offices are placed around the perimeter of the space with large sidelights to let exterior light come in.

Golden Health Pharmacy

Golden Health Pharmacy came to us to help the develop a pharmacy layout from scratch. We helped them develop a layout that includes: full holistic pharmacy, display shelves, health drink mixing area, showers, meeting rooms, dispenser areas, bathrooms and sauna area with very warm and bright colors to produce a great new look that is a departure from the existing pharmacy model.